Thursday, 4 July 2013

Objections, your honour?

This post is a supplement to my main one considering the Church of Scotland’s recent decision regarding the ordination of people in same-sex relationships.  Obviously, mine is not the only view and many objections have been raised to it.  In the main post I dealt with what I saw as key attempts to raise biblical objections but as I said there, those were not the most numerous of the objections I have heard.  Personally, if the case is not founded on scripture then I hope it will not change anyone’s mind but given that people do have other objections I thought I would address those which I have heard.

Churches Built on Sand

 A Little Background

This is a weighty topic for my first blog in a long time but I thought it worth addressing.  This is written hopefully to both inform and challenge those who are considering where they stand in relation to the Church of Scotland after its recent decision at the General Assembly in May.  For anyone who comes to read this and is not from my corner of the world you may not be familiar with the situation facing the Church of Scotland.  Even for those who are from here, even for members of the Church of Scotland, the situation may still seem confusing and bizarre.  What exactly has happened?  Before I embark on an attempt to say something about this situation I will try to give, as briefly as possible, a summary of the crisis which has hit the denomination.