Friday, 22 April 2011


“And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.”
1 Corinthians 15:14 ESV

Friday, not so good

It’s Friday.  The creator of the world, the God who upholds the planets in their orbits cannot even lift His own cross.  Blood runs down the back of the man who promised us a lighter yoke and an easier burden.

Friday.  The King of kings is mocked and beaten.  ‘King of the Jews’ they jeer.  The one who supports every king, every throne, the one by whose word governments stand and fall is himself crowned with a crown of thorns.  Soldiers mock, those who pass Him sneer and spit.

Friday.  The man who said to love your enemies like you do your friends is abandoned by His friends in His time of need.  His enemies are all around, His friends nowhere to be seen.  He said to treat others as you would be treated.  Seems like no one is listening to that this Friday.

He also said He was God, come to give hope and new life.

Some God He is today – He can’t even free himself.
Some hope He is bringing – He cannot even hope for a quick end.
Some life – He goes to die.

It’s Friday.  The God of justice is executed, flanked by common criminals.  The saviour of mankind can’t even save himself.  What hope is there for us on Friday?

Friday.  The light of the world is extinguished.  Darkness wins.  The shadows gather, covering the earth.  Night falls when the sun is at its highest.  The God who breathed life into Adam’s lungs struggles to breathe.  Nails pierce hands that flung stars into space.  Those nail-pierced feet will surely never walk again after Friday.

It’s Friday.  The only man who ever lived a good life.  The only perfect man is dying.  The only man who truly trusted God in everything, the only man who loved God with all His heart is now crying out to God, asking why He has been forsaken.  How will we stand, when He fell that Friday?

It’s Friday.  The suffering ends at last as He breathes His last breath. Jesus is dead.  The spear pierces His side; His lifeless body is taken down.  Friday.  The stone seals Him in the tomb.  The Lord of life is dead. Is this the end on Friday?

What hope is there now for those He promised to save?
What hope is there now for this little band of disciples, this fledgling church?  Its head cut off, it cowers in a locked room.
What hope is there now for sinners in the hand of an angry God?
What hope is there now for mankind, trembling in the face of death?

It’s Friday.  Death wins and Satan laughs.  Surely even the angels must tremble before the sight of that tomb.  Is God not strong enough?

It’s Friday, yes it is.  But Friday isn’t the end.

It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming!

It’s Friday, the creator who gave us life is dead but Sunday is coming!  He will rise again; death cannot hold this King of life!  The rock and dirt of a tomb cannot hold the God who made it.

It’s Friday, the saviour is not saved, but Sunday is coming!  We are saved through His suffering.  God judges Jesus and says His work is done.  He is sinless.  Pure.  The sacrifice is accepted, there is hope for us on Sunday!

It’s Friday, shadows extinguish the light, but Sunday is coming!  A light that shines forever is lit on this day.  A fire that will never be put out is set alight on Sunday.  Darkness could not hold the light of the world forever in its grip and it will reign no more!

It’s Friday, death and the Devil have won but Sunday is coming!  Death was strong but this living Lord is stronger, the Devil is mighty but God is mightier.  On Friday Jesus was bound by death but on Sunday death is bound forever.  On Sunday Jesus rises, in resurrection power, in glory, hope and life.

Hate and death may win on Friday but Sunday is coming.

What hope there is now!  Jesus’ claim of salvation is vindicated at last.
What hope there is now for this mighty church!  Its head lives forevermore in heaven, seated at the right hand of God.
What hope there is now for sinners before the wrath of God!  Justified!
What hope there is now, no more fear of death.
What hope!

Death is not the end.

Not any more.

Not after Sunday.

Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer;
Death is strong, but Life is stronger;
Stronger than the dark, the light;
Stronger than the wrong, the right.
Faith and Hope triumphant say,
Christ will rise on Easter-Day.
Bishop Phillip Brooks

<<Based on a brief story from Tony Campolo about a sermon he heard given with the repeated refrain “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming”.  That got me thinking, how often do we fail to realise this important truth:  Good Friday is not good until Easter Sunday comes.  The sacrifice of Friday saves, but the resurrection of Sunday vindicates that salvation. 
P.S. How many people saw the title and thought it was going to be based on that song by Rebecca Black everyone’s moaning about?>>

Apparently Tony Campolo’s story is on YouTube: 

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